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Upper Division Clusters

Sophomore Inquiry (SINQ) courses act as an introduction to Upper Division Clusters. Students decide which SINQ course compliments their majors and engages them most. Coursework at the Clusters level then expands and advances the subject matter that was established during a course. Unlike Freshman Inquiry (FRINQ) and SINQ classes, there are no Mentor Sessions associated with Clusters. It is here that the student puts into practice the skills that were developed during the previous two years.

Each course is designed for students to individualize their program and compliment their educational goals. Students are encouraged to seek guidance from both their departmental advisers and Cluster Coordinators to optimize their experience.

Most Upper Division Cluster courses are 4 credits, but some are 3 credits. A total of 12 credits must be taken to fulfill this portion of the UNST requirement.

Courses in your major department or used to satisfy the requirements for a first major cannot be used to meet the cluster requirements. All Cluster themes are within the far left hand column of this page. Follow the links to get more information.

You may also consider using Cluster courses to complete part of a Minor. Check out your options here. Your adviser can help you choose the best cluster.

University Studies is proud to announce two unique Study Abroad Cluster courses

UNST 399: IDENTITY, SOCIAL JUSTICE AND NATION taught by Dr. Leslie Batchelder



Visit Study Abroad's UNST resource page to get the most up-to-date information regarding earning UNST credits abroad.