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Online Pathways

University Studies (UNST) Online Pathways gives options for PSU students to complete Sophomore Inquiry (SINQ), Upper Division Clusters, and Capstone courses through online courses. Currently, the Environmental Sustainability, Families and Society, Gender and Sexualities, Interpreting the Past, as well as Knowledge, Values, and Rationality clusters have developed designated Online Pathways.  Plans are underway to develop pathways for other clusters.

The intent of UNST Online Pathways is to provide online courses for students that fulfill University Studies requirements while maintaining a focus on our four learning goals and a commitment to an interactive, engaged learning experience. It should be noted that this approach is an option and only a suggested way for you to complete your study at PSU. UNST does not require students to complete any portion of the four clusters mentioned above online.

Below is a listing of the courses that are offered. Not every course will be offered online every term. Before you register for classes, see your adviser for more information.


Environmental Sustainability

Sophomore Inquiry – UNST 224

ESM 355U:  Understanding Environmental Sustainability

ESM 356U: Understanding Environmental Sustainability II

ESM 357/MGMT 357: Business Solutions to Environmental Problems

PHL 310U:  Environmental Ethics

USP 313U:  Urban Planning Environmental Issues

SYSC 399U:  Modeling Socio-Ecological Systems

Families and Society

Sophomore Inquiry – UNST 228

CFS 312U: Human Development in the Family Setting

CFS 382U:  Mental Disorders

CFS 385U: Working with Diverse Families

CFS 393U: Community Resources and Family Support

CFS 399U:  Interpersonal Violence and Children

HST 343/WS 343U:  American Family History

SOC 339U:  Marriage and Intimacy

UNST 399U:  Experiential Pathways Cluster Course

Gender and Sexualities

Sophomore Inquiry - UNST 231

HST 343/WS 343U:  American Family History

WS 360U: Intro to Queer Studies

WS 370U: History of Sexualities

WS 375U: Topics in Sexualities Studies

Interpreting the Past

Sophomore Inquiry – UNST 236

ARH 357U:  Byzantine Art

ARH 426U:  African Art

HST 354U:  Early Medieval Europe: 300-1150

WLL 488U:  Major Literary Figures

Knowledge, Values, and Rationality

Sophomore Inquiry – UNST 239

PHL 306U:  Science and Pseudoscience

PHL 309U:  Business Ethics

PHL 310U:  Environmental Ethics

PHL 317U:  Philosophy of Art

PHL 351U:  Philosophy of Human Rights

UNST 399U:  Experiential Pathways Cluster Course


Available Capstones

All will be listed as UNST 421

Mobilizing Hope

Educational Equity

Water Scarcity

Grant Writing for Language Preservation

Grant Writing for Jewish Education and Culture

Grant Writing for Youth

Leading Lives of Conviction