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Leading Social Change

The Leading Social Change cluster explores how to create change in society through everyday acts of leadership. Students will explore elements of leadership such as identity, politics, and culture, and apply this knowledge to a range of social issues in a variety of social contexts where individual or community leadership is required. Through discussion of the implicit and explicit values that guide leaders, and the exploration of various sociocultural contexts and issues, the cluster recognizes that everyone possesses the capacity for leadership. The cluster is ideal both for students who are interested in learning more about how leaders affect the world and who seek to explore leadership and develop their own leadership skills.

Sophomore Inquiry:

The Sophomore Inquiry course for this Cluster is UNST 242.

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Learning Outcomes:

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Study Abroad Opportunities:

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Please see your adviser before registering for any classes.
Departments Associated With Cluster


  • COMM 312U: Media Literacy
  • COMM 313U: Communication in Groups
  • COMM 314U: Persuasion
  • COMM 323U: Intro to Organizational Communication
  • COMM 337U: Communication and Gender (Crosslisted with WS 337U)

Conflict Resolution

  • CR 301U: Intro to Conflict Resolution
  • CR 302U: Intro to Peace Studies
  • CR 303U: Consensus Building: Theory and Practice
  • CR 304U: Participating in Democracy
  • CR 306U: Intro to Nonviolence
  • CR 310U: Fundamentals of Conflict Resolution

Criminology & Criminal Justice

  • CCJ 350U: Ethical Leadership in Criminal Justice
  • CCJ 355U: Perspectives on Terrorism
  • CCJ 365U: Criminology and Social Justice

Education, Leadership & Policy

  • ELP 318U: Educational Leadership in Schools
  • ELP 348U: Global Political Ecology
  • ELP 349U: Gandhi, Zapata and Topics in New Agrarianism

Educational Leadership & Policy

  • ELP 324U: Spiritual Leadership
  • ELP 350U: Leadership for Sustainability
  • ELP 356U: The Urban Schools and "At Risk" Status (Crosslisted with USP 356U)
  • ELP 362U: School/Community Relations

Environmental Science & Management

  • ESM 355U: Understanding Environmental Sustainability I


  • GEOG 332U: Urban Geography
  • GEOG 346U: World Population and Food Supply
  • GEOG 347U: Environmental Issues and Action
  • GEOG 348U: Cultural and Political Ecology

International Studies

  • INTL 350U: The City in Europe


  • PHL 310U: Environmental Ethics
  • PHL 316U: Social and Political Philosophy
  • PHL 320U: Critical Thinking

Political Science

  • PS 313U: The Power Game
  • PS 318U: Media, Opinion and Voting
  • PS 325U: Politics and Legal Enforcement of Morals
  • PS 380U: Women and Politics (Crosslisted with WS 380U)

Public Administration

  • PA 311U: Intro to Civic Leadership
  • PA 312U: Foundations of Community Leadership
  • PA 313U: Fundamentals of Public Service
  • PA 314U: Special Topics: Student Leadership
  • PA 315U: Managing People for Change
  • PA 320U: Introduction to Nonprofit Management
  • PA 417U: Ethical Leadership

Public Health Education

  • PHE 320U: Health Ethics
  • PHE 321U: Health Policy
  • PHE 322U: Health Administration
  • PHE 446U: Community Health: Principles and Practices

Systems Science

  • SYSC 336U: Networks and Society
  • SYSC 338U: Decision Making in Complex Environments

University Studies

  • UNST 321U: Learning in Action
  • UNST 399U: The Engaged Citizen: Social Media and Online Leadership
  • UNST 399U: The Engaged Citizen: Sustainability

Urban Studies & Planning

  • USP 311U: Intro to Urban Planning
  • USP 317U: Intro to International Community Development
  • USP 356U: The Urban Schools and "At Risk" Status (Crosslisted with ELP 356U)

Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

  • WS 306U: Global Gender Issues
  • WS 337U: Communication and Gender (Crosslisted with COMM 337U)
  • WS 380U: Women and Politics (Crosslisted with PS 380U)
Cluster Coordinator: 
Peter Chaille
Office Number: 
URBN 670-A
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