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Healthy People/Healthy Places

This cluster examines the nature and state of healthy individuals in their various environments. A dynamic approach will be used to study the places in which people live and interact, such as the community, the workplace and the natural environment. Topics will focus on ways to solve and prevent problems that may affect the health and wellbeing of the individual, the local environment and/or the global community. Individual behavior change, social policies, community development and social responsibility may be emphasized.

Sophomore Inquiry:

The Sophomore Inquiry course for this Cluster is UNST 234.


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Study Abroad Opportunities:

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Departments Associated With Cluster


  • ANTH 325U: Culture Health and Healing
  • ANTH 333U: The Anthropology of Food


  • COMM 329U: Intro to Health Communication

Criminology & Criminal Justice

  • CCJ 330U: Crime Control Strategies


  • EC 316U: Intro to Health Care Economics

Educational Leadership & Policy

  • ELP 356U: The Urban Schools and "At Risk" Status (Crosslisted with USP 356U)


  • PHL 367U: Philosophy of Sports

Public Administration

  • PA 312U: Foundations of Community Leadership

Public Health Education

  • PHE 320U: Health Ethics
  • PHE 321U: Health Policy
  • PHE 322U: Health Administration
  • PHE 325U: Nutrition for Health
  • PHE 326U: Drug Education
  • PHE 327U: Community Nutrition
  • PHE 328U: Health and Housing Across the Life Course
  • PHE 335U: Human Sexuality
  • PHE 351U: Film and Health
  • PHE 354U: Social Gerontology
  • PHE 355U: Consumer Health
  • PHE 443U: Environmental Health
  • PHE 444U: Global Health
  • PHE 446U: Community Health: Principles and Practices
  • PHE 452U: Gender, Race, Class and Health

Systems Science

  • SYSC 350U: Indigenous and Systems Perspectives on Sustainability

Urban Studies & Planning

  • USP 313U: Urban Planning: Environmental Issues
  • USP 317U: Intro to International Community Development
  • USP 324U: Healthy Communities
  • USP 325U: Community and the Built Environment
  • USP 326U: Neighborhood Conservation and Change
  • USP 350U: Concepts of Citizen Participation
  • USP 356U: The Urban Schools and "At Risk" Status (Crosslisted with ELP 356U)
Cluster Coordinator: 
Ashley-Nicole Browning
Office Number: 
URBN 450 B
PSU Phone: