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Global Environmental Change (Archive)


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Students are barraged on a daily basis with news stories of El Nino, global warming, CO2 increasing, greenhouse effects, ozone hole, etc. This cluster will introduce some of the scientific concepts and issues of natural global cycles and how the systems have changed in the past. We will discuss the physical, chemical and biological changes of the earth's environment in the past, present and future. The past will concentrate on the physical, chemical and biological changes that are recorded in the rock, ice and sediment record. The present will concentrate on recent changes on the oceans and atmosphere, and discuss the human dimension. The future will discuss the merits and limits of global models.

Sophomore Inquiry:

The Sophomore Inquiry course for this Cluster is UNST 232.


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Departments Associated With Cluster


  • CH 360U: Origins of Life on Earth

Conflict Resolution

  • CR 305U: Ecology of War and Peace


  • ENG 368U: Literature and Ecology


  • GEOG 310U: Climate and Water Resources (Crosslisted with SCI 333U)
  • GEOG 311U: Climatology
  • GEOG 312U: Climate Variability (Crosslisted with SCI 334U)
  • GEOG 313U: Biogeography
  • GEOG 314U: Severe Weather
  • GEOG 322U: Alpine Environments
  • GEOG 333U: Weather (Crosslisted with PH 333U)
  • GEOG 340U: Global Water Issues and Sustainability
  • GEOG 346U: World Population and Food Supply
  • GEOG 347U: Environmental Issues and Action


  • G 340U: Life of the Past
  • G 341U: Geology of Oregon Country
  • G 342U: Volcanoes and Earthquakes
  • G 343U: Planets in our Solar System and Beyond
  • G 344U: Geology of National Parks
  • G 345U: Life in the Universe
  • G 351U: Oceanography
  • G 352U: Minerals and World Affairs


  • HST 339U: Environment and History


  • PHL 310U: Environmental Ethics


  • PH 333U: Weather (Crosslisted with GEOG 333U)
  • PH 375U: The Earth's Climate and Human Life

Science in the Liberal Arts

  • SCI 333U: Climate and Water Resources (Crosslisted with GEOG 310U)
  • SCI 334U: Climate Variability (Crosslisted with GEOG 312U)
  • SCI 357U: Sustain US/Mexico Border Region

Systems Science

  • SYSC 334U: Modeling Social-Ecological Systems
Cluster Coordinator: 
Frank Granshaw
Office Number: 
CH 17
PSU Phone: