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Environmental Sustainability (Archive)


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This cluster explores what we as humans are doing to our surroundings, the consequences of our actions, and what we should be doing to be more in harmony with the environment. By defining, characterizing, and understanding the environment, students will learn how to creatively promote and contribute to sustainability. They will accomplish this by investigating the possibilities of urban planning, studying literature and film, and analyzing the consequences of air and water pollution. Courses are designed to navigate a path through the scientific approach to analyze and solve environmental problems, socioeconomic concerns in environmental policy, and the historic and philosophical basis of our relationship to different ecosystems.

Sophomore Inquiry:

The Sophomore Inquiry course for this Cluster is UNST 224.

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Study Abroad Opportunities:

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Please see your adviser before registering for any classes.
Departments Associated With Cluster


  • ARCH 367U: Fundamentals of Environmental Design

Art + Design

  • ARH 437U: Nature into Art I & II


  • CH 371U: Environmental Chemistry

Conflict Resolution

  • CR 305U: Ecology of War and Peace


  • EC 332U: Environmental Economics

Engineering and Applied Sciences

  • EAS 333U: Problems, Solutions and Systems Thinking


  • ENG 368U: Literature and Ecology

Environmental Science & Management

  • ESM 355U: Understanding Environmental Sustainability I
  • ESM 356U: Understanding Environmental Sustainability II
  • ESM 357U: Business Solutions to Environmental Problems


  • GEOG 314U: Severe Weather
  • GEOG 340U: Global Water Issues and Sustainability
  • GEOG 345U: Resource Management
  • GEOG 346U: World Population and Food Supply
  • GEOG 347U: Environmental Issues and Action
  • GEOG 348U: Cultural and Political Ecology
  • GEOG 349U: Mountains: Cultural Landscapes


  • G 352U: Minerals and World Affairs


  • HST 339U: Environment and History


  • PHL 310U: Environmental Ethics
  • PHL 375U: Food Ethics


  • PH 375U: The Earth's Climate and Human Life
  • PH 384U: From Contemporary Nanoscience towards Sustainable Nanotechnologies (Crosslisted with SCI 384U)

Public Health Education

  • PHE 351U: Film and Health

Science in the Liberal Arts

  • SCI 331U: Al: Urban Air Pollution
  • SCI 335U: Water in the Environment I
  • SCI 336U: Water in the Environment II
  • SCI 338U: Investigating Forest Ecosystems
  • SCI 357U: Sustain US/Mexico Border Region
  • SCI 384U: From Contemporary Nanoscience towards Sustainable Nanotechnologies (Crosslisted with PH 384U)


  • SOC 341U: Population Trends and Policy

Systems Science

  • SYSC 334U: Modeling Social-Ecological Systems
  • SYSC 350U: Indigenous and Systems Perspectives on Sustainability

Urban Studies & Planning

  • USP 313U: Urban Planning: Environmental Issues
Cluster Coordinator: 
Amy Larson
Office Number: 
HSB 101
PSU Phone: