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Community Studies


This cluster explores the nature of the communities we live in, whether defined spatially (such as a neighborhood) or as a set of ties based on sharing a common interest. Building community has become a central debate in a number of social sciences, including sociology, political science, economics, and psychology. In a culture emphasizing individualism and individual rights, how can needs for community and responsibility to others be balanced? Thus, in this cluster, students have the opportunity to gain practical as well as theoretical experience with building communities.

Sophomore Inquiry:

The Sophomore Inquiry course for this Cluster is UNST 220.


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Learning Outcomes:

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Study Abroad Opportunities:

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Departments Associated With Cluster


  • ANTH 318U: Asian American Experience

Chicano/Latino Studies

  • CHLA 301U: Chicano/Latino Communities
  • CHLA 380U: Latinos in the Economy and Politics
  • CHLA 390U: Latinos in the Pacific Northwest
  • CHLA 450U: Latinos in Education


  • COMM 313U: Communication in Groups
  • COMM 389U: Ethics of Human Communication

Conflict Resolution

  • CR 301U: Intro to Conflict Resolution
  • CR 302U: Intro to Peace Studies
  • CR 304U: Participating in Democracy
  • CR 306U: Intro to Nonviolence
  • CR 311U: Introduction to Conflict Resolution Psychology


  • EC 314U: Private and Public Investment Analysis

Environmental Science & Management

  • ESM 355U: Understanding Environmental Sustainability I
  • ESM 356U: Understanding Environmental Sustainability II


  • GEOG 331U: Geography of Globalization
  • GEOG 332U: Urban Geography
  • GEOG 380U: Maps and Geographic Information


  • HST 337U: History of American Cities (Crosslisted with USP 385U)


  • MUS 366U: New Orleans: Jazz and Culture in the Storyville Era
  • MUS 367U: The Music of Nashville: From Honky Tonk to Hip-Hop
  • MUS 368U: Motown: Detroit's History and Music


  • PHL 371U: Philosophy and the City

Public Administration

  • PA 311U: Intro to Civic Leadership
  • PA 312U: Foundations of Community Leadership

Public Health Education

  • PHE 444U: Global Health
  • PHE 452U: Gender, Race, Class and Health


  • SOC 337U: Prejudice, Privilege, & Power

Systems Science

  • SYSC 336U: Networks and Society

University Studies

  • UNST 399U: Topics in Community Studies: Engaging Interpretive Communities at the Portland Art Museum

Urban Studies & Planning

  • USP 300U: Intro to Urban Studies
  • USP 311U: Intro to Urban Planning
  • USP 312U: Urban Housing and Development
  • USP 313U: Urban Planning: Environmental Issues
  • USP 314U: The City in Film
  • USP 317U: Intro to International Community Development
  • USP 323U: Real Estate Development
  • USP 324U: Healthy Communities
  • USP 325U: Community and the Built Environment
  • USP 350U: Concepts of Citizen Participation
  • USP 385U: History of American Cities (Crosslisted with HST 337U)
  • USP 386U: Portland Past and Present
Cluster Coordinator: 
Nathan McClintock
Office Number: 
URBN 350 E
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