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Knowledge, Values, and Rationality -Philosophy

28 credits: at least 8 credits must be taken in residence at PSU; 8 elective credits must be upper-division.

PHL 201, 301, 303, and 308U are required, along with 12 elective credits. Any of the other courses listed below may count towards electives. Visit the webpage below which fully details the requirements and consult with an advisor.

PHL 300U: Philosophical Methods and Concepts
PHL 305U: Philosophy of Medicine
PHL 306U: Science and Pseudoscience
PHL 307U: Philosophy of Social Science
PHL 308U: Elementary Ethics
PHL 309U: Business Ethics
PHL 310U: Environmental Ethics
PHL 311U: Morality of Punishment
PHL 313U: Life and Death Issues
PHL 314U: Computer Ethics
PHL 316U: Social and Political Philosophy
PHL 317U: Philosophy of Art
PHL 318U: Philosophy of Medicine
PHL 320U: Critical Thinking
PHL 321U: Practical Epistemology
PHL 322U: Minds and Machines
PHL 324U: Introduction to Formal Logic
PHL 325U: Introduction to Formal Logic II
PHL 330U: Language, Representation and Reality
PHL 331U: Philosophy of Education
PHL 333U: Philosophy of Law
PHL 344U: Military Ethics
PHL 350U: International Ethics
PHL 351U: Philosophy of International Human Rights
PHL 352U: Philosophy of International Law
PHL 355U: Morality and Health Care
PHL 360U: American Philosophy
PHL 365U: Atheism
PHL 367U: Philosophy of Sports
PHL 369U: Philosophy of Sex and Love
PHL 370U: Philosophy of Work and Leisure
PHL 371U: Philosophy and the City
PHL 375U: Food Ethics