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Interpreting the Past-Medieval Studies

28 credits: 20 credits must be upper-division; at least 8 of which must be 400-level and from at least 3 separate departments.

Any of the courses listed below can satisfy a portion of the minor requirements.

Visit the webpage below which fully details the requirements and consult with an advisor.

ARH 356U: Early Medieval Art
ARH 357U: Byzantine Art
ARH 358U: Romanesque Art
ARH 359U: Gothic Art
ARH 361U: Northern Renaissance Art
ARH 371U: Italian Renaissance Art I
ENG 319U: Northern European Mythology
ENG 340U: Medieval Literature
FR 341U: Intro to French Literature (Taught in French)
GER 341U: Intro to German Literature I (Taught in German)
HST 350U: English History
HST 352U: European Women's History to 1700
HST 354U: Early Medieval Europe: 300-1100
HST 355U: Late Medieval Europe: 1100-1450
HST 378U: Pagans, Christians and Jews (Crosslist with JST 378U)
HST 381U: History of Kabbalah: the Jewish Mystical Tradition (Crosslist with JST 381U)
JPN 341U: Topics in Japanese Lit.: Intro to Classical and Medieval Japanese Lit.
JST 317U: Jewish History from Antiquity to Medieval Period (Crosslist with HST 317U)
JST 378U: Pagans, Christians and Jews (Crosslist with HST 378U)
JST 381U: History of Kabbalah: The Jewish Mystical Tradition (Crosslist with HST 381U)
LAT 331U: Early Medieval Civilization
PHL 302U: Medieval Philosophy
WLL 335U: Icelandic Sagas