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Interpreting the Past-Art History (certificate)

24 credits: two Art History Seminars (ARH 407 and 449) and four additional upper-division ARH courses (4 CH each).

Any of the courses listed below may count towards electives.

Visit the webpage below which fully details the requirements and consult with an advisor.

ARH 311U: History of Asian Art
ARH 312U: History of Asian Art: China and Korea
ARH 313U: History of Asian Art: Japan
ARH 321U: Survey of Korean Art
ARH 339U: History of Architecture
ARH 351U: Ancient Art: Prehistoric, Egyptian and Mesopotamian
ARH 352U: Ancient Art: Aegean and Greek
ARH 353U: Ancient Art: Etruscan and Roman
ARH 356U: Early Medieval Art
ARH 357U: Byzantine Art
ARH 358U: Romanesque Art
ARH 359U: Gothic Art
ARH 361U: Northern Renaissance Art
ARH 371U: Italian Renaissance Art I
ARH 372U: Italian Renaissance Art II
ARH 373U: Italian Renaissance Art III
ARH 376U: Baroque Art: Italy
ARH 377U: Baroque Art: The Netherlands
ARH 378U: Baroque Art: Spain and the Americas
ARH 381U: Nineteenth Century Art I
ARH 382U: Nineteenth Century Art II
ARH 411U: Chinese Buddhist Art
ARH 412U: Japanese Buddhist Art
ARH 422U: Chinese Painting
ARH 423U: Japanese Painting
ARH 426U: African Art