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Interpreting the Past-Art History


32 credits: 12 credits of required courses; 20 credits of upper-division electives.

Courses listed below may count as electives.

ARH 311U: History of Asian Art
ARH 312U: History of Asian Art: China and Korea
ARH 313U: History of Asian Art: Japan
ARH 321U: Survey of Korean Art
ARH 339U: History of Architecture
ARH 351U: Ancient Art: Prehistoric, Egyptian and Mesopotamian
ARH 352U: Ancient Art: Aegean and Greek
ARH 353U: Ancient Art: Etruscan and Roman
ARH 356U: Early Medieval Art
ARH 357U: Byzantine Art
ARH 358U: Romanesque Art
ARH 359U: Gothic Art
ARH 361U: Northern Renaissance Art
ARH 371U: Italian Renaissance Art I
ARH 372U: Italian Renaissance Art II
ARH 373U: Italian Renaissance Art III
ARH 376U: Baroque Art: Italy
ARH 377U: Baroque Art: The Netherlands
ARH 378U: Baroque Art: Spain and the Americas
ARH 381U: Nineteenth Century Art I
ARH 382U: Nineteenth Century Art II
ARH 411U: Chinese Buddhist Art
ARH 412U: Japanese Buddhist Art
ARH 422U: Chinese Painting
ARH 423U: Japanese Painting
ARH 426U: African Art