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Global Perspectives-Latin American Studies (certificate)

28 credits: approved electives and 2 years of approved foreign language.

The courses listed below may apply toward the 28 credits of advisor-approved electives.

Visit the webpage below which fully details the requirements and consult with an advisor.

ANTH 311U: Peoples and Cultures of Latin America
BST 325U: Race and Ethnicity in Latin America
BST 326U: Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico
BST 356U: Cuban Film: Politics and Culture
BST 357U: Caribbean Spirituality
BST 377U: Voudon, Rasta and Islam in the Caribbean
BST 406U: Caribbean Overseas Program
BST 420U: Caribbean Literature
BST 440U: Caribbean Studies
CHLA 303U: Chicana/Latina Experience
CHLA 375U: Southwestern Borderlands History
EC 338U: Political Economy of Latin American Development
GEOG 360U: Latin America
HST 365U: Latin American History I
HST 366U: Latin American History II
INTL 341U: Environment and Development in Latin America
INTL 342U: Globalization and Conflict in Latin America
INTL 362U: Amazon Rainforest (Crosslisted with HST 362U)
INTL 364U: Modern Brazil
PS 353U: Intro to Latin American Politics
SCI 357U: Sustain US/Mexico Border Region