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Global Perspectives-International Studies

28 credits: 12 required credits; 16 advisor-approved electives; along with 2 years of approved foreign language.

The courses listed below may apply toward the 16 credits of advisor-approved electives.

Visit the webpage below which fully details the requirements and consult with an advisor.

INTL 317U: Topics in Asian Thought
INTL 321U: Globalization and Identity: Humanities
INTL 322U: Globalization and Identity: Social Science
INTL 323U: Tradition and Innovation: Humanities
INTL 324U: Tradition and Innovation: Social Science
INTL 331U: Women in the Middle East (Crosslisted with WS 331U)
INTL 332U: Islamic Movements in the Contemporary Muslim World
INTL 341U: Environment and Development in Latin America
INTL 342U: Globalization and Conflict in Latin America
INTL 350U: The City in Europe
INTL 352U: The City in Europe: Humanities
INTL 362U: Amazon Rainforest (Crosslisted with HST 362U)
INTL 364U: Modern Brazil
INTL 372U: Postcolonial Studies of Africa (Crosslisted with BST 372U)