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Gender and Sexualities Studies-Women's Studies

28 credits: 12 required credits; 16 elective credits.

Any of the courses listed below may apply toward the 16 credits of advisor-approved electives.

Visit the webpage below which fully details the requirements and consult with an advisor.

WS 306U: Global Gender Issues
WS 308U: Topics in Gender, Literature and Popular Culture
WS 310U: Psychology of Women (Crosslisted with PSY 310U)
WS 312U: Feminist Philosophy (Crosslisted with PHL 312U)
WS 317U: Writing as Activism
WS 320U: Intro to Girls' Studies
WS 330U: Women of Color in the U.S.
WS 331U: Women in the Middle East (Crosslisted with INTL 331U)
WS 332U: Race, Class, Gender and Sexuality in the U.S.
WS 337U: Communication and Gender (Crosslisted with COMM 337U)
WS 340U: Women and Gender in America to 1865 (Crosslisted with HST 340U)
WS 341U: Women and Gender in America, 1865-1920 (Crosslisted with HST 341U)
WS 342U: Women and Gender in America, 1920-Present (Crosslisted with HST 342U)
WS 343U: American Family History (Crosslisted with HST 343U)
WS 347U: Science, Gender and Social Context I (Crosslisted with SCI 347U)
WS 348U: Science, Gender and Social Context II (Crosslisted with SCI 348U)
WS 351U: Gender and Education (Crosslisted with ELP 351U)
WS 360U: Intro to Queer Studies
WS 365U: The Science of Women's Bodies (Crosslisted with SCI 365U)
WS 367U: War, Sexual Violence, and Healing
WS 369U: Global Reproductive Justice
WS 370U: History of Sexualities
WS 372U: Topics in Literature: Gender and Sexuality (Crosslisted with ENG 372U)
WS 375U: Topics in Sexualities Studies
WS 377U: Topics in Feminist Spirituality
WS 380U: Women and Politics (Crosslisted with PS 380U)
WS 382U: Transgender Studies
WS 470U: Asian American Women's Studies