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American Identities -History

32 credits: 16 credits must be upper-division; 8 credits must be 400-level; at least 16 credits must be taken in residence at PSU.

Any of the courses listed below may apply toward the 16 credits of advisor-approved electives.

Visit the webpage below which fully details the requirements and consult with an advisor.

HST 327U: U.S. History 1890-1932
HST 328U: U.S. History 1932-1960
HST 329U: U.S. History 1960-Present
HST 330U: Native Americans of Eastern North America
HST 331U: Native Americans of Western North America
HST 332U: History of the North American Fur Trade
HST 335U: Race and Ethnicity
HST 336U: Lewis and Clark and the American West
HST 337U: History of American Cities (Crosslisted with USP 385U)
HST 338U: Oregon History
HST 340U: Women and Gender in America to 1865 (Crosslisted with WS 340U)
HST 341U: Women and Gender in America, 1865-1920 (Crosslisted with WS 341U)
HST 342U: Women and Gender in America, 1920-Present (Crosslisted with WS 342U)
HST 343U: American Family History (Crosslisted with WS 343U)
HST 344U: Jews and Judaism in US Post WWII
HST 345U: Colonial America
HST 346U: The American Revolution
HST 347U: Antebellum America, 1800-1850
HST 348U: Slavery, the Civil War, and Reconstruction, 1850-1877
HST 349U: U.S. Indian Policy